One Room Challenge Week 5 Pantry Renovation


Once again, Dan Tim Gunn’ed the heck out of this pantry and “made it work”! We needed the drawers to be modified so they will fit correctly in the new less deep base cabinets. This may sound kid of easy, but things like this take a lot of thought and care. It’s times like this that I am so thankful Dan is an engineer by trade becuase his math mind always figures my crazy ideas out. Dan lives by the motto, measure 10 times, cut once. Hah! But seriously, for this it really paid off becuase he nailed it!


He trimmed the drawers to just the correct length so that the new drawer slides we purchased would fit in the correct spot. He then assembled the drawers, installed the soft close slides, and we have ourselves “custom” cabinets.


He was also able to install the cabinet  hardware and base boards this week so our pantry truly looks like a butler’s pantry now! I did the touch up painting for the baseboards and provided lots of encouragement while keeping the girls out of the way. That’s work too, right?!

Another very exciting thing happened this week- the countertop got installed and I am so in love! It was tricky to find the same slab that we used in the rest of our kitchen becuase it’s a natural stone and if you’re not buying it at the same time, its going to look different. BUT this piece I found is perfect and the veining is my favorite in the whole kitchen. Its called London Sky quartzite or White Macaubus quartzite. I’ve heard it called both by different slab yards. I’m a huge fan of quartzite because you get that gorgeous veining and its a natural stone. There is something really cool about having a piece of nature in your home. Bonus- its a lot less of a diva than marble. I 110% reccomend it.


Thanks again for following along with our renovation. Next week will be a flurry of work! Here is what we need to get done:

  • backsplash installed

  • make and install shelves

  • install crown molding

  • organize and style

Be sure to head to the One Room Challenge website to check out all of the other designers and bloggers. Next week’s reveals will be incredible and I know I can’t wait to see! Also, you can head to my instagram page to see some behind the scene action in my stories. Thanks again for the support! #hartleyhomies

Kelly Hartley