One Room Challenge Week 4 Pantry Renovation


Welcome back! It’s week 4 of the One Room Challenge and I am in high stress mode aka losing my mind. We didn’t get a ton finished this week and we only have two weeks to go. So you know what that means? That means we will be working like crazy for the next two weeks to get this pretty lady done!

So enough whining- here is what we did get done this week.


I finished up the hard coat and painted the walls to match our hallway- Benjamin Moore White Dove. Then Dan installed our uppers and I could actually start putting some of our food away! Woohoo! The laundry room/pantry is getting OLD. lol

The next thing we needed to do was to trim out the wood on the floor. We want the cabinets to sit on the concrete and not on the laminate wood just like they do in our kitchen. This is a good idea so if you need to replace you floors down the road you don’t have cabinets sitting on top of them. Always looking ahead to the next renovation! Hah!

Dan’s dad gave us his Craftsman All in One Cutting Tool (no link, it’s old school peeps) and it worked like a charm to cut through the wood. We did break the two bits that came with it… but we bought a stronger bit and then… it worked like a charm. ; )


Once we got the floor out, it was time to put the base cabinets in. Now this sounds easy, but is anything ever easy? We made the walls exactly the length to fit the cabinets and ooooohhh mama that was a tight squeeze. We had to take our shoes off (so we wouldn’t damage the paint), use our leg strength, and push those babies in with our feet. It was pretty funny! But, the cabinets went in and with only minor damage to the hard coat. No biggie.


Can you see it? It’s starting to look like a butler’s pantry!

SO what’s left:

  • modify the drawers to fit “custom” cabinets/ install new soft close drawer slides

  • install base board

  • caulk and touch up base (me)

  • get countertops installed (not us thank goodness)

  • stare at countertops with love

  • decide on backsplash

  • install backsplash

  • make or buy shelves

  • install shelves

  • install crown to cabinets

  • style and use!

We can totally do that in two weeks right? (just say yes)

Thanks as always for stopping by to check in and see our progress! I’m always posting progress on my instagram page as well and some behind the scenes action in my stories too.

Make sure you stop by the One Room Challenge website so you can see all of the other awesome projects. Some of these transformations are going to be incredible.

Kelly Hartley