Wall Tapestry to Cover TV

(*This blog post’s photos are a work in progress. I will take and share more photos of this once our cabinet doors are on.)

All over instagram, I’ve been seeing the Frame TV being used in people’s home and I love it! I don’t love the price tag, and so when we purchased a new tv, we didn’t get one. Ever since this idea got into my head, I’ve been trying to figure out how we could easily disguise our tv in a beautiful way. Well… I did it!


I made a wall tapestry that rests on my tv when displayed, and rests on the hanging bracket when the tv is in use. It was easy, fun and works SO well!!! So, who’s ready to make one? Here’s how!


  • thick, durable fabric or drop cloth (I used a linen blend) make sure it’s not see through

  • wooden dowel ( I used a 6’ dowel and we cut it to size)

  • paint. I used a mixture of craft paint and also wall paint I had left over from painting our home

  • paint brushes - I used a variety of sizes to get different strokes

  • sewing machine or hem tape

  • leather string (optional)


  1. cut the fabric to the proper width. For our tv, the fabric was exactly the right size so I got to keep the pretty frayed edge. If your console table is wide, you may be able to use the full width as well and it will just cover more than your tv.

  2. Sew the pocket for the top dowel.

  3. Paint! I layered on lots of paint to make it look as professional as possible. I played with it for two days before I landed on something I loved. The best part is you can keep painting over the mess ups! Have fun with it!

  4. Once the paint is dry, hang the art on your tv as shown with the top dowel. Measure and mark where your bottom dowel pocket will be located. Be sure to make the dowel end up beneath your tv screen so the entire tv is covered and the tapestry can rest flat.

  5. Sew your bottom dowel pocket.

  6. Hang your beautiful art, hide that tv like a fancy person, and be super impressed with yourself for being so crafty! Speaking of fancy… I wrapped and tied leather string to the ends of my dowels for a little somethin’ somethin’. Get creative with the details!

  7. Now go make one and be sure to tag me @hartley_home on instagram, so I can see!


Kelly Hartley