Setting the Table with Cozy Linen

I’m no fancy lady. Sometimes I wish I was, but then I realize that I have two small children and can hardly keep the house clean. So semi-fancy will have to do. ;)

I teamed up with a company called Cozy Linen to share how to make a beautiful tablescape using their products and adding in some inexpensive touches. Cozy Linen is a shop with lovely linen table textiles. They’re well made and classic so you can use them for years and years. I chose the striped placemats and solid napkins in a natural beige color. The result? An earthy, neutral, and inviting table setting that I LOVE.


I love linen for so many reasons, but one of the top reasons is it is perfectly acceptable to NOT iron your linen placemats and napkins. The wrinkles add to the charm of the fabric and not ironing is ALWAYS a good thing. I love how soft it feels to the touch as well and know that if I had guests come over and they got to use these napkins and placemats, they’d feel really special. Which is exactly how we want our guests to feel.


To finish off my table, I gathered candlesticks I had around the house and staggered them down the center of the table at varying heights. I love that they aren’t all the same. They match, but they don’t, and that adds to the charm.


The next step was to add some flowers. I got the little bud vases from Dollar Tree to make this an extremely affordable project. I also found these Easter lilies there and mixed them in with the real tulips to fill up the vase a bit. Mixing the real flowers with faux may seem like a no no but I LOVE the way it makes these inexpensive fauxs look real! Did I have you fooled?


I’m so in love with my new table linens from CozyLinen and know that I will use these for years to come!

So what’s the takeaway? Treat yourself to some quality linens that will stand the test of time, and then all you have to do is sprinkle in some candles and flowers, and voila! You will look as fancy as your friend, Kel. ;)

To shop the look, just click the underlined text in this post. Happy shopping! Go get your fancy on!

Kelly Hartley