New Panes Window Grids

Dan and I were considering swapping out our old sliding doors for some pretty new french doors. So I went and got some quotes and quickly changed my mind. It was going to be a lot more expensive than we’d hoped. I searched online for an alternative and found New Panes!


New Panes is a company that makes grid pieces for your windows and doors. You measure the size, order your pieces, and they ship everything you need right out to you. It was SO MUCH LESS expensive than getting new doors and made such a pretty impact!

FullSizeRender (59).jpg

So the first step was to use the guide to figure out how long to make our pieces. Dan is the math man so I let him tackle this project! We used a square to draw the lines on the pieces. To cut the pieces, he used a pair of regular scissors and that worked great!


We didn’t want a lot of the velcro to show from the outside so we opted for the knife edge blades to hold our grids in place. They slide into the grids and then under your rubber sealant around your window edge. That way, we only had to use the velcro to hold the middle sections in place. And that’s it!

Check out my before without any panes….


And now the after with our New Panes installed!

FullSizeRender (60).jpg

So much better, right? I love that our doors now have a more expensive and interesting look. If you’re looking to update your windows or glass doors without breaking the bank, give New Panes a try.

*This post is sponsored by New Panes. All opinions are my own.

Kelly Hartley