ORC Week 5 DIY peg rail

This laundry room really didn't take us as long as I thought it would (woohoo!!) so I've had some extra time to really focus on adding some pretty details. I spotted a sweet peg rail on @FrancoisetMoi's instagram page and had to have one for myself! When we leave the house, we close the laundry room door so the dogs don't sneak out when we come back home. When you walk into the room with the door closed, there is a blank wall staring at you. No one will see this wall but us, but it'll make me so happy to see a pretty little vignette when I walk into the house instead of a wall of blankness. 

I have a really great book called, A Well-Crafted Home by Janet Crowther. She gives instructions for tons of really pretty DIY projects for the home and one of them was a pegboard rail. We used that plus our brains to figure this easy DIY out. 



After a quick trip to Lowes I had all the supplies and I think it cost me around $15 total. I used oak again but this time I left it raw and unstained. Dan had an excuse to finally buy himself a table saw (yay!) so that added onto the cost but man did he need one! We always have to borrow from family and friends so I was excited for him to finally pull the trigger on one. You know you love your husband and DIY when you are genuinely excited about a table saw purchase. ;) 



Dan did all the cutting, I did the sanding and gluing, and even hung it myself. We put that strip of tape along the top to catch any excess wood glue so it didn't drip onto the face of of the rack. 


I found an awesome trick online where you can use a soda can top as your hanging bracket. Genius! Can I tell you how nervous I was drilling into Dan's hard work? So scary! But I didn't mess it up and i even hung it straight on the wall. Boom. 

This photo was evidence to Dan that I used the right length screw and didn't mess everything up! Ha!


Here is the finished product! The styling is a work in progress (one piece of art is a folded sheet of paper hah) but its hung!

FullSizeRender (23).jpg

I'd like to have more to share, but honestly, we got so pumped for this challenge we did a ton of work the first couple weekends and got it all pretty much done. lol But... next week is the reveal week!!! SO excited to share the final product and blow up your feed on Instagram with tons of laundry room photos. You can't wait, right? ;) 

Be sure to hop over to the One Room Challenge website to see the super talented designers who are killing it with their designs. You can get there quickly by clicking my post title. Yup.. still haven't figured out another way to link it. 

Thank you for stopping by to see our progress!! Can't wait for next week! 

Kelly Hartley