One Room Challenge: Pantry Renovation

I’m so excited to be taking part in another round of the One Room Challenge. It’s so fun to be a part of a design/renovating community and all cheer for each other. Plus, I like the pressure of having to finish by a certain deadline- it makes Dan and I much more motivated.

I feel like your’re thinking I’m a wimp saying we are renovating a pantry for the ORC but I promise it is going to be a lot of work and an awesome before and after! In true Kelly nature, I am making Dan do some crazy things to make this baby custom without the price tag. Its gonna be gooooooood. (I hope!) SO this is the pantry before shot. Its bad. I know. Can you see the pure joy and thrill on Dan’s face as he looks upon the challenge before him? Bahah!


The plan is to gut this ugly closet and make it into a butler’s pantry. It’s going to be like an addition to our kitchen with extra counter space and everything and I’m so excited! I’m opting for some open shelving between our upper cabinets, because you know I love me some open shelving. We’re using the same cabinets as our kitchen but I think we are doing butcher block counter tops. That could change. Here is my sketch of what *I think the final design will be.


(*I use the words “I think” because I turn into a legit crazy person when doing work in my own home and will change my mind 500 times and also obsess about every detail until it becomes unhealthy and Dan will call me out on it. Hah!)

So this week we started the demo and Dan took out the parts of the walls that needed to go. I helped by emptying out the pantry, taking out nails from the drywall and wood studs, cleaning up all the mess etc. Dan gets the rough deal and does all the hard labor. But I did have to keep the girls occupied and out of the way so that’s hard labor too.


It was a lot of drywall dust, but now we have a shell of our new space and my pretty laundry room has become my pantry. :( Wah! I’ve also lost my garage and will have to park outside for the next six weeks until this is done. Ahh the pains of DIY home renovations.

Here are the details on what we did this week:

  1. We removed the side walls to make the space a simple rectangular recess.

  2. We took out the wood frame, drywall, corner bead, baseboard and trim pieces.

Next up: take out the overhang, and build the walls back up. Stay tuned! I’ll be posting in my Instagram feed and stories with more of our progress and updates!

Be sure to head to the to see what all of the other participants are doing this time around.


Kelly Hartley