ORC Week 2: Cabinet install, painting, and buying more goodies

So Friday rolled around last week and I decided that I needed to paint the laundry room right at that EXACT MOMENT that it popped into my head. Normal humans go to the store to buy paint after realizing they don't have enough of any one color in the garage to paint a laundry room. I'm not normal. Plus I'm pretty much willing to do anything to avoid taking my two small children (animals) to the paint store. Imagine alllll the color samples being taken off the displays by four little hands all at once. Ahhh!!! No thanks. I'll pass. 

So instead, I found three white paint samples in my garage that were all the same sheen and brand, mixed those together in three equal-ish parts and created my new Benjamin Moore Color of the Year. I call it: Whothehellknows. Its a lovely shade of white with just a hint of soft grey. lol It actually is a pretty color- thank goodness- because I did NOT want to have to paint it all over again. The lighting is awful in here so you can't really see the color very well. You'll just have to believe me that its pretty and fingers are crossed that the color shows up nicely once I swap out the light. 

To prep for painting, I took down the old wire shelving and spackled the holes. I like to get everything prepped for Dan before I ask him to do any work. That way he can dig right in and there's nothing to hold him up. Teamwork, baby! Oh and the K+D love note earned me some wife points too.  You gotta butter these boys up before you ask them to spend their day off doing hard labor for you. ;) You'll notice I didn't paint where the cabinets were to be hung and that's for good reason- I was scared I wouldn't have enough paint so I left everything unpainted that I possibly could! That's what happens when you concoct your own color. Some people suffer from FOMO aka fear of missing out, I suffered from FORO aka fear of running out... of paint.   


There was also some shopping progress that happened. I ordered a light from Pottery Barn on Premier Day and ended up only paying $6!! I had a bunch of money in rewards that I'd been saving up that expire this month and this light was half off. Done deal! After I ordered it I had a moment of panic where I realized this light maaaaaay be considered by some as a dreaded "boob light". LOL But I fell in love with its vintage and feminine style and hey, I have boobs, I like boobs, so I have no problem with this light and that's all that matters, right? At least its a fancy boob. Gotta just go with your gut sometimes and buy what calls to you (even if it kinda resembles a boob and may be shunned by the design world). I LOVE it! 



Anthropologie was having their own sale with 20% off home items so of course I was poking around on there, and had a glorious angels singing moment: I found THE wallpaper. It was like "game over" when I saw it. I always love wallpaper in other people's homes but have been scared to pull the trigger for myself. It's a lot of commitment, and I am a mind changing maniac, but the laundry room is a perfect place to have some fun with design and dip my toes into using wallpaper. I'm dying for it to arrive in the mail so I can see it in person. My mom has already agreed to help me install it! (Which is awesome, because I'm clueless!) The back wall is actually pretty smooth so we won't need to skim coat it after all! I'm going to hold off on sharing the wallpaper (such a tease) because I think its gonna be my wow factor and I can't give that away just yet, now can I? ; ) But it has a playful botanical vibe similar to the one I posted by Studio Mcgee on my IG account and used as my thumbnail for this post. 

After all of my shopping, prepping and painting on Friday, Dan-the-man delivered on Saturday and got the cabinets hung and hardware on.  Sidenote: If you need a tutorial on hanging upper cabinets, we found a great video by Lowes on Youtube. 

Loving it all so much already! He measured and cut the dowel to hang clothing on to dry but I'm still deciding on whether or not I want to stain it or leave it au natural and just protect it. Hmmm.... Either way it'll be a light color because I love that look so much; especially with grey and brass. 


This weekend, we plan on staining the wood for the countertop and dowel, installing the dowel, and getting the countertop made. Then it will no longer be possible to drop things behind the washer or dryer and have to do this! (See below, exhibit A) Hahaah! Poor Dan... he has longer arms than me so he was the lucky winner to grab whatever the heck fell back here this time. 


Excited for next week when I can share more progress with you! Wish us luck!! You can check out other bloggers and their projects on the One Room Challenge website. I've linked it to my post title so give it a click and go see all of the amazing progress. 


Kelly Hartley