First time blogger

Hey there! Welcome to Hartley Home's blog! If you've been following along with my design journey on Instagram, you will know that I love to share photos of my designs and decor. I also love to talk about it, and really enjoy the process of pulling it all together.

My husband and I are huge fans of DIY projects and I am so proud of his ability to research and figure things out. I mean, he made our shower floor, sloped it to perfection and built the curb as well. Even the tile installation company was impressed with this work. I come up with the ideas, draw it all out, and then he brings it to life for me.

We love working together, but I won't lie, sometimes it can be STRESSFUL. Its hard to get along perfectly when you're out of a kitchen, or bathroom for a month and the house is a hot mess of dust and tools. Oh and add two small children into the mix and it just adds to be chaos! lol But we love it, and can't wait to share our upcoming projects with you! 

Kelly Hartley